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Oct 29, 2013 9:00pm PDT
in the law. council will now vote on whether to allow build pigs to be shot in city limits. can't did it now. pigs are a particular problem at the country club here. can't believe the daniel they are doing. heather has more. >>reporter: this video taken by san jose resident the shows the pig in his neighborhood in addition to tearing up homeowner lawns they have done 10,000 dollars damage to the golf and country club her and san jose city councilman says the non-native pig can also be a threat to people. he wants to have them trapped shot and killed within city limits. but writ now san jose law prohibits the discharge of firearm within city limits except for the police or in self-defense. today he and councilman pete constant asked for urgent ordinance changing that allowing for the discharge of weapon by licensed trapper only for the purpose of killing the l wild pig. >> it allow to us use the gun in the city limits. >>reporter: he says the state fish wild life biologist think trapping and shooting them is more practical and humane than uvt needs with a chemical process similar to st
Nov 1, 2013 9:00pm PDT
in terms of the trust of law ep forms. 10 days ago lopez little brother was just another kid. tonight andy lopez is symbol. >> shock. really overwhelming as well. too much to say all at once.what do you think andy would say about all this? >> he would want justice. >>reporter: in santa rosa, wayne friedman abc 7 news. >> san francisco man accused of killing a woman with city vehicle has been fired by the parks deputy. 58-year-old thomas burn the man on the left there charged with felony vehicular manslaughter and hit-and-run. city had previously suspended him without pay t.he's accused of driving over and killing 35-year-old christine if who was sun batheing in holly park last month with her child. >> happening now bart workers are voting on whether to accept the tentative contract agreement that ended their strike recently. the management and the union reached the deal last month after labor dispute that stretched on for months and bart 2 strike 1 in july and one in october now union leders say thief good feeling that the contract will pass. meanwhile one orinda city council member
Oct 28, 2013 9:00pm PDT
at him. gill house firearms instructor who has written articles for law enforcement publication on the use of deadly force. >> we get inside look tonight at the disheveled mess left hyped when elderly residents abruptly moved out of their castro valley home on saturday. came after the state suspended the center license and after a staff called the 911. 7 news reporter laura anthony talked with the attorney that claims the residents were abandoned. >> slippers on the floor. empty bottle on tables. unmade bed. scenes the residents of castro valley nursing home moved in and out a hurry. but the attorney for the facility says saturday rapid evacuation by the sheriff's department was over reaction only 3 staff members caring for 14 patients and that the owner would never put her clients in danger. >> whole out doors and evidence of the fact that she was willing to speak social security residents the and trophy take folk that captain afford to pay 3000 dollars. >>reporter: manuel notified by state postal service that is her license was temporarily suspended effective thursday. al
Oct 30, 2013 9:00pm PDT
not clear whether this law applies to google glass but we shall soon find out as more and more people try to wear them. >>> a california high school banned twerking at the school dances. students at the high were mostly split on the twerking crack down. some agreed it would be out of place at school. >> plenty of music and stuff to do, you don't need to add the sexual thing in there. >> twerking isn't appropriate for high school students and nobody is going to do it. >> it's not bad. it's like a dance and everyone does it. >> it just a dance like everything else like michael jackson did his thing and elvis. we should be able to do our thing. >> the first true test of the rules came over the weekend at the school's homecoming danlts chl the principal would not comment but students say the moves do not entirely disappear. there was some unauthorized twerking. >>> tomorrow night you and your k kids are likely the g trick or treating. they recommend trick or treating in familiar neighborhoods and carry a flashlight with frsh batteries or a glow stick and stop only at houses with lights in and
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4